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Paramore remove ‘Say Their Names’ poster


Due To the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests, one Paramore fan recently shared his recreation of the classic Riot! album artwork. The reimagined cover art features the names of victims who lost their lives to police brutality.

Last Friday, Paramore took to social media to announce the launch of the Say Their Names poster. In the now-deleted tweet, the band revealed that all proceeds from the poster were being donated to the NAACP and the nonprofit Color Of Change.

Soon after the poster’s announcement, Paramore received various comments from fans expressing their concern about the merch item’s overall message.

i think that paramore poster would be good as a protest poster but not as something you hang in your room for decor or something? a little weird

— 𝒌𝒂𝒚 (@LlKEPACIFIC) July 10, 2020

@yelyahwilliams @paramore ily guys so much and im the first to defend u but that poster isn’t right. if u guys were gonna do something like that i think the number one call would be to use a black artist, also having names plastered all over walls just seems disrespectful

— austin (@fakehappyyork) July 10, 2020

we know your intentions weren’t bad but seeing the names of black dead people due to police brutality hanging on a wall as some sort of “art piece” doesn’t sit right. you could hire black artists that do some amazing work to make paramore merch and donate the money❤️

— mora 🌺 (@brickredroorn) July 10, 2020

Since receiving the fans’ comments, the poster has been removed from Paramore’s merch store. Hayley Williams then took to Twitter to apologize

alright i’m reading comments and we are going to take the poster down. last month, people seemed to love it when it got shared and truly, we wanted to signal boost it and create another small way to help give to orgs who are fighting against racial inequities and injustices.

— hayley from Paramore 🌺 (@yelyahwilliams) July 10, 2020


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