Only True Fans Can Finish These My Chemical Romance Lyrics.


Only True Fans Can Finish These My Chemical Romance Lyrics.


  • Question of

    They’re gonna clean up your looks With all the lies in the ——

    • books
    • world
    • heads
  • Question of

    Oh well now, Mama, we’re all gonna die Mama, we’re all gonna ————-

    • die
    • go to hell
    • be killed
  • Question of

    They said, “All teenagers scare the livin’ shit out of me” They could care less as long as —-

    • someone’ll bleed
    • died
    • got killed
  • Question of

    And when we go, don’t blame us, yeah We’ll let —— just bathe us, yeah

    • the fires
    • this world
    • this life
  • Question of

    And after all this time that you still owe You’re still the good-for-nothing, I don’t ——–

    • know
    • love you
    • like you
  • Question of

    When you go And would you even turn ——-

    • to say I don’t love you
    • and say i love you
    • and say goodbye
  • Question of

    Well, if you wanted ——- That’s all you had to say

    • honesty
    • love
    • the truth
  • Question of

    Forget about the dirty looks The photographs your ——–

    • boyfriend took
    • abscessed about
    • love took
  • Question of

    ——–, I’m okay, I’m okay now (I’m okay, now) But you really need to listen to me

    • I’m okay
    • I’m not okay
    • I’m okay okayyyyyy
  • Question of

    Just like the match you strike to incinerate The —— of everyone you know

    • lives
    • names
    • history


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