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  1. I am very concerned, considering all of my neighbors are married and arent legally allowed to date me

  2. it keeps saying its my best friend and my best friend just found out she is bisexual and she said that if she wasnt dating my cousin then she would totally date me so it is very possible. But my crush is currently a senior and im in 7th grade and he knows i like him but he is my drumline captain because im in drumline and he is also dating my distant cousin soo its kinda awkward……….

  3. I have a crush but I don’t think he likes me. Only only looks at me sometimes although he’s always smiling. I try and talk to him and he never really wants me to. Oh well maybe one day. Oh ya and I don’t have a neighbor.

  4. UUUUUMMMMM im pretty sure my first crush doesnt like me. You know that one group of boys that are those like athletic boys? that was my first crush, but this was in first grade, soooooooooooooo ya.

  5. I already know my best friend has a crush on me. She tries to keep it a secret but she’s not very good at it. I just try to keep it a friend ship as I suffer from a crush that will never happen on a guy so…..

  6. my neighbor isnt legally allowed to date me plus my great grandmother cant have a crush on me shes a widow and wont date

  7. I got my first crush but honestly i’m not sure who my first crush was cause I don’t have the best memory in the world.

  8. I live in belgium im kinda emo … im a girl im 18 and single ….most of my ex boyfriends have cheated on me like i was trash….bye

  9. My first crush became my boyfriend last year and we break up but I have a new boyfriend

  10. OMG…Idk if I should believe this. But he is the guy who doesn’t worry about all this lovey dovey stuff….🤔

  11. My first crush well that was first grade and moved schools 😢 but he knew I had a crush on him and so 🙃

  12. It said my bestfriend and the only boy bestfriend friend I have is my ex but my friends and his friends say he still likes me.

  13. Well actually it says that it’s my neighbour and it so happened that I’ve recently broken up and the person was my neighbour😱😲😲
    Means he still loves me😱😱😱

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