Take this Quiz to know Why Are You Single? 




  1. Kirstin,the point is that no one is either too pretty or too ugly… there’s nothing as such as ugly and what matters is how substantially strong you are and not your beauty…your beauty might fade away ,but what makes you you i.e your personality will never fade away…

  2. too much fun.
    Everyone wants a piece of you because you’re totally awesome and always up for a good time. Seriously, who can make a decision about settling down when they’ve got so much going on in their life?

  3. I got “A lot of people are taken aback by your sheer brilliance, but who can blame them? You’ve got beauty, brains, and a killer sense of humor. Seriously, you might as well travel to another planet because none of these lame earthlings will ever be good enough for you.” 🤔

  4. None of these lame earthlings will evr be good enough for you
    Moral:stay single for the rest of your life until you get to date an anime character like Levi senpai😂😂😂lmao

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